Co-design support for Iqhayiya Community Radio Station

Co-design support for Iqhayiya Community Radio Station in the following aspects:
1) developing a communication strategy
2) building the Iqhayiya website with social media integration
3) activation of online streaming radio.
Community Co-design workshop.
Training workshop for website management and content updates.
Technical assistance - radio podcasts - online streaming radio
Contends Management System:
Joomla 3.4.1
Media Aid - Italy
University of Cape Town - South Africa
Slowdesign - South Africa
Rainbowmediagroup - Italy, South Africa





MIDA (made in democratic Africa)

MIDA (made in democratic Africa) takes its name from the Frigia emperor who used to convert to gold everything he would touch. We quoted this anecdote to refer to the power of design – when it is not just veneer or look – to change the way we look at things, to convert prejudices and to let things surprise us again. In different ways, and not only under the design point of view, Italy and South Africa are living analogous situations. The burden of their histories for example, the question of integration, and of course the bias over their national expression: Italy on one side seems to have consumed all its creative power celebrated in the last century; South Africa, on the other side, gives the impression to be in a substantial moment of bargaining with its identity. This is the reason why I thought of letting these two cultures meet each other and work on the same themes, where Italian designers can bring their fresh new contributions and South Africans can tell their multiple visions and try together to find new meanings of originality, nationality, diversity and exchange in terms of design.

The trans-disciplinary workshop will take place in the Faculty of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Cape Town Campus from 19 to 23 May 2014, and it will end with a double exhibition, with one chapter in Cape Town, and one in Milan next




Pilot project: Design Strategies for enhancing service delivery in Solid Waste Management at Doornbach, Cape Town - 2013-2017

In alignment with the City of Cape Town quest to provide adequate basic services to all its residents, this pilot project seeks to establish the effectiveness of existing services to residents at Doornbach, and subsequently to determine appropriate design strategies for enhancing service delivery in solid waste management processes. The research team shall employ participatory methods to co-design potential solutions in consultation with diverse actors and stakeholders of the said informal settlement.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the City of Cape Town, Slowdesign is a partner of Cape Peninsula University of Technology for the implementation of the project.

4-6 March 2014 - Community Design Workshop

Doornbach photo gallery click here



Design Storming: August 2013

Partner organisations: Ikamva Labantu and Equal Education.
Workshop Date: 24-25 August 2013.
Location: Ikamva Labantu Enkululekweni Wellness Centre, Khayelitsha, Cape Town
Theme: Early childhood development – Setting a foundation –
Parental engagement – What does it take to raise a healthy
grounded child?

Design Storming: Group 2

Alex Schwager, Andiswa Hala, Andrea Couvert, Ayesha Kamalie, Eliza Campbell
Francois de Flamingh, Ntuthuzelo Vika, Joanne Linnay, Zukiswa Qezo


Hub proposal, SketchUp by Francois de Flamingh

Design Storming: Igniting change with collective imagination


Talkoot! Day 10 November 2012
Participative design workshop - RLabs - Athlone



Cape Town, in bidding for World Design Capital 2014, committed itself to transforming lives by design – rebuilding community cohesion; reconnecting communities through infrastructural enhancement; and repositioning the city for the knowledge economy. A grand vision, no doubt, but how do we get designers and communities talking the same language and collectively solving pressing social problems to get us there?

Creative Cape Town, in collaboration with the Cape Town Design Network (CTDN), and in partnership with community-based organisations, has an answer: Design Storming.

What is a Design Storm?

In 2005, Yahoo start a series of design hacks, bringing together designers, developers, scientists and other geeks in the same physical space for 48 hours of intense collaboration. For Cape Town’s Design Storming sessions, small teams of community members, government, academia, designers and business people will be brought together for 12 hours (two days with six hours of workshopping) around a common problem – such as sanitation, waste management or job creation – as defined by a community-based organisation.

The first Design Storm is set for 30 June and 1 July 2012 – in celebration of World Industrial Design Day – at VPUU Precinct 3 in Khayelitsha, and the Social Justice Coalition have defined the first design challenge – around refuse collection and removal in townships. Refuse collection is a critical component in ensuring that communities are clean and safe. Failure to adequately collect and dispose of refuse leads to the spread of disease, pests such as rats, contamination of water sources, and blockage of sewerage systems.